H-7100 Szekszárd,
Táncsics M u. 1./a

H-7000 Sárbogárd,
Millennium 2000 utca
Tel.: +36 (25) 518-160

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About us

About us

Alisca Mag Ltd. was founded in 1996 in Szekszard, Hungary.

Our main task in Hungary is to coordinate the production and export to Western Europe by the PH Petersen in Germany bredded mustard-, radish-, rapeseed-, rye-, oats- and phacelienvarieties.

Thanks to our philosophy and our work we grow dynamically, we can continually adapt our activities to the changing circumstances. Our network of contacts authorized our company to successful outcomes.

For 15 years we have worked in Lepsény with the most modern, professional cleaning technologies. Payable from the continuous developments we can guarantee our customers the best quality.
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