Contracted production

Contracted seed production

Most of our contracted seed production involves oil radiss, mustard, honey grass and sand oat. Besides them seed production of autumn coleseed, rye, buckwheat and oil flax is also significant. Our perspective plants are wild pea, soy, cattle pea and lupin. Our ecologically produced seeds are gaining more and more popularity.

Our plants

Black Oat (Avena strigosa)

It is a diploid oat that belongs to the one-year glumaceous oat species. It is a paniculate grass, which can be grown with cereal technology, but the pathogens and pests of cerely are less likely to appear on it. If necessary, it can be protected easily ffwith effective chemical intervention. Its ability to inhibit weeds is good and it is also good at exploiting water, it can tie down nitrogen wel, but excessive nitrogen output can make it bend. It can be grown on weaker, sandy soils safely. Damage done by game is not typical.

Plant height:

140-160 cm

Seed mass for 1,000 seeds:

17-21 g

Optimal sowing time:


Expected harvest time:

early July/mid-July

Seed demand:

80-120 kg/ha

Sowing depth:

2-4 cm

Recommended row space:

Cereal row space


with a cereal combine harvester

If you need further information about the palant chosen, turn to our colleagues dealing with contracted production, they are ready to help you.

Other plants

Cattle rye
Grain rye
Autumn coleseed
Oil flax
Cattle peas

If you need further information about the palant chosen, turn to our colleagues dealing with contracted production, they are ready to help you.

Entering into a contract

Production contracts can be settled both in HUF and Euros.

Seed delivery

The base seeds necessary for seed production vare delivered to our partners in time, the price of the base seeds will be deducted from the yield without charging an interest rate.


Our collegaues keep in touch ith our contracted partners on a regular basis during the prodiction stage. We support production with our professional experience and advice and do our best to resolve upcoming problems.

  • Guidance on production technology
  • Plant production forecast and counselling


Seed propagation is reported to the authorities involved (District Offices /NÉBIH Seed-telated departments.


Farmers and our colleagues will establish the time of the harvest together in the framework of a joint inspection.

Transport to site

We help with transporting the seeds produced to our site in Sárbogárd with our own vehicles.

Classification and settelement of accounts

After the products arrive, the seed examination laboratory will carry out quality examinations and on the basis of this examination we will complete the bonification of the seed entry.


Fast payment, which can be completed within two weeks reckoned from the settlement of the accounts in the currency agreed previously.

Be one of our partners and produce seeds for Alisca-Mag Ltd.


Sowing report:

Word document: Sowing report
Pdf document: Sowing report


Péter Csikós

Seed production manager

tel.: +36(25)518-160


Bence Orosz

Seed production advisor

tel: +36(70)632-5527


Ottó Rácz

Seed production advisor

tel: +36(70)633-7763


We look forward to welcoming you among our customers

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