Our company

P.H. Matz Petersen, Owner of the P.H. Petersen Saatzucht Lundsgaard GmbH.

Némedi Péter, Managing director of Alisca-Mag Kft.

Dear Partners, Dear Visitors!

Az Alisca-Mag Kft. jellemzően a németországi P.H. Petersen Saatzucht Lundsgaard GmbH. által nemesített zöldtrágya-, köztes-, és takarmánynövények vetőmag-termeltetésével, feldolgozásával, fémzárolásával, valamint diszponálásával foglalkozik.

We believe that the production of high quality seeds, tight cooperation with hour partners, a youthful approach and cost-effective solutions ensure the present of our company and gurantee its future.

We place a huge emphasis on professional development, the introduction of up-to-date plant production technologies. We take into account the local conditions, the equipment, the rotation of crops and also the individual needs of our partners.

The contents of our website contains the plants that we have contracts for with farmers, it shows our seed plant and the laboratory where the seeds are examined. We hope that our short summary raises your attention, provides you with useful information and you will feel like getting involved in seed production.

Péter Némedi
Managing director

Our team

Company information

The parent company was founded in Germany in 1931 by Peter Hartwig Petersen, and since the 1970s they get the seeds of their companion crops and fodder plants in Hungary. Alisca-Mag Ltd. was founded in Szekszárd in 1996 as the daughter company of P.H. Petersen Saatzucht Lundsgaard GmbH. Since 2008 we have had our independent processing capacity in Lepsény, then in 2012 processing, the offices and the laboratory were moved to Sárbogárd. The headquarters are still located in Szekszárd.

Our products mainly get to the Western-European markets, but they can also be found all over the world from Japan to the United States. We adapt to the changing circumstances, our network of partners and our range of products are expanding dynamically. State-of-the art technology and professional machinery make sure that we meet the highest quality requirements.